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Bead Display Stand - DoubleBead Display Stand - Double
Kudu Inner Horn - LargeKudu Inner Horn - Large
Kudu Inner Horn - Large Sale price$75.00
Bead Display Stand - SingleBead Display Stand - Single
Vetiver Basket - SmallVetiver Basket - Small
Vetiver Basket - Small Sale price$30.00
Vetiver Basket - LargeVetiver Basket - Large
Vetiver Basket - Large Sale price$55.00
Mounted Kudu Inner HornMounted Kudu Inner Horn
Mounted Kudu Inner Horn Sale price$145.00
Kudu Inner Horn - MediumKudu Inner Horn - Medium
Kudu Inner Horn - Medium Sale price$65.00
Warthog Tusk Bottle OpenerWarthog Tusk Bottle Opener
Ghanaian Glass Bead - Large - BlackGhanaian Glass Bead - Large - Black
Juju Feather Hat - 32" - CreamJuju Feather Hat - 32" - Cream
Juju Feather Hat - 32" - Cream Sale priceFrom $385.00
Porcupine Quill Round Mirror - LargePorcupine Quill Round Mirror - Large
Vetiver Basket - Extra LargeVetiver Basket - Extra Large
Juju Feather Hat - 20" - CreamJuju Feather Hat - 20" - Cream
Juju Feather Hat - 20" - Cream Sale priceFrom $215.00
Vetiver Pot VaseVetiver Pot Vase
Vetiver Pot Vase Sale price$75.00
Mounted Polished Kudu HornMounted Polished Kudu Horn
Mounted Polished Kudu Horn Sale price$185.00
Springbok Horn Bottle OpenerSpringbok Horn Bottle Opener
Cowry Shell Necklace on Stand - SmallCowry Shell Necklace on Stand - Small
Cow Horn Bowl - RectangleCow Horn Bowl - Rectangle
Cow Horn Bowl - Rectangle Sale price$18.00
Porcupine Quill Bundle (S/50)Porcupine Quill Bundle (S/50)
Plain Polished Ostrich EggPlain Polished Ostrich Egg
Zebra Hide Coasters w/ Tie (s/6)Zebra Hide Coasters w/ Tie (s/6)
Ghanaian Glass Bead - Large - BlueGhanaian Glass Bead - Large - Blue
Ghanaian Glass Bead - Small - BlueGhanaian Glass Bead - Small - Blue
Porcupine Quill Round Mirror - SmallPorcupine Quill Round Mirror - Small
Ghanaian Glass Bead - Small - BlushGhanaian Glass Bead - Small - Blush
Polished Kudu HornPolished Kudu Horn
Polished Kudu Horn Sale price$125.00
Ostrich Egg Stand - Perspex - 9"
Cow Horn Bowl - Oval BoatCow Horn Bowl - Oval Boat
Cow Horn Bowl - Oval Boat Sale price$95.00
Kenyan Bone Bead - OvalKenyan Bone Bead - Oval
Kenyan Bone Bead - Oval Sale price$40.00
Ghanaian Glass Bead - Large - GreenGhanaian Glass Bead - Large - Green
Cow Horn Vase - 8"Cow Horn Vase - 8"
Cow Horn Vase - 8" Sale price$60.00
Ghanaian Glass Bead - Large - OpaqueGhanaian Glass Bead - Large - Opaque
Cow Horn Bowl - Round ValetCow Horn Bowl - Round Valet
Cow Horn Vase - 13"Cow Horn Vase - 13"
Cow Horn Vase - 13" Sale price$75.00
Ghanaian Glass Bead - Small - BlackGhanaian Glass Bead - Small - Black
Cowry Shell Necklace on Stand - LargeCowry Shell Necklace on Stand - Large
Cowry Shell Necklace on Stand - Extra SmallCowry Shell Necklace on Stand - Extra Small
Cow Horn Bowl - Oval DeepCow Horn Bowl - Oval Deep
Cow Horn Bowl - Oval Deep Sale price$75.00
Kenyan Bone Bead - DiscKenyan Bone Bead - Disc
Kenyan Bone Bead - Disc Sale price$70.00
Mounted Gemsbok HornMounted Gemsbok Horn
Mounted Gemsbok Horn Sale price$110.00
Polished Ram HornPolished Ram Horn
Polished Ram Horn Sale price$100.00
Ghanaian Glass Bead - Small - OpaqueGhanaian Glass Bead - Small - Opaque
Cream Cow Hide Tray / Warthog Tusk HandlesCream Cow Hide Tray / Warthog Tusk Handles
Ostrich Egg Stand - Perspex - 12"
Ghanaian Glass Bead - Large - BlushGhanaian Glass Bead - Large - Blush
Mounted Natural Kudu HornMounted Natural Kudu Horn
Mounted Natural Kudu Horn Sale price$170.00
Ostrich Egg Stand - Perspex - 15"
Ostrich Leather Coasters w/ Tie (S/6) - CreamOstrich Leather Coasters w/ Tie (S/6) - Cream

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