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Porcupine Quill Napkin Ring (S/6)Porcupine Quill Napkin Ring (S/6)
Cream Kudu Horn TableCream Kudu Horn Table
Cream Kudu Horn Table Sale priceFrom $800.00
Polished Kudu Horn TablePolished Kudu Horn Table
Polished Kudu Horn Table Sale priceFrom $800.00
Lozi StoolLozi Stool
Lozi Stool Sale price$395.00
Natural Kudu Horn TableNatural Kudu Horn Table
Natural Kudu Horn Table Sale priceFrom $710.00
Gemsbok Horn TableGemsbok Horn Table
Gemsbok Horn Table Sale priceFrom $580.00
Rectangle Zebra Hide OttomanRectangle Zebra Hide Ottoman
Rectangle Zebra Hide Ottoman Sale price$3,410.00
Wildebeest Hide Rectangle Mirror - SmallWildebeest Hide Rectangle Mirror - Small
Cow Horn Table with Cream Cow Hide TopCow Horn Table with Cream Cow Hide Top
Matilda Side TableMatilda Side Table
Matilda Side Table Sale price$3,195.00
Coffee Tray Table - Small - NaturalCoffee Tray Table - Small - Natural
Malawi Chair - BlackMalawi Chair - Black
Malawi Chair - Black Sale price$695.00
Zebra Hide Swivel ChairZebra Hide Swivel Chair
Zebra Hide Swivel Chair Sale price$6,355.00
Sabie Limited Edition Sofa - DeltaSabie Limited Edition Sofa - Delta
Sabie Limited Edition Sofa - Delta Sale price$6,725.00 Regular price$7,915.00
Zebra Hide Rectangle Mirror - SmallZebra Hide Rectangle Mirror - Small
Malawian Palm Side Table - Pair - NaturalMalawian Palm Side Table - Pair - Natural
Porcupine Quill Side TablePorcupine Quill Side Table
Porcupine Quill Side Table Sale price$1,325.00
Coffee Tray Table - Large - NaturalCoffee Tray Table - Large - Natural
Drop Side Table with Glass TopDrop Side Table with Glass Top
Drop Side Table with Glass Top Sale price$2,045.00
Malawian Palm Coffee Table - NaturalMalawian Palm Coffee Table - Natural
Zebra Hide ConsoleZebra Hide Console
Zebra Hide Console Sale price$5,530.00
Wildebeest Hide DeskWildebeest Hide Desk
Wildebeest Hide Desk Sale price$4,590.00
Panoramic ServerPanoramic Server
Panoramic Server Sale price$9,995.00
Zebra Hide Tub ChairZebra Hide Tub Chair
Zebra Hide Tub Chair Sale price$6,145.00
Shaggy Leather Swivel Chair - Premium LeatherShaggy Leather Swivel Chair - Premium Leather
Malawi Loveseat - NaturalMalawi Loveseat - Natural
Malawi Loveseat - Natural Sale price$1,000.00
Sabie Limited Edition Sofa - TanzaniteSabie Limited Edition Sofa - Tanzanite
Sabie Limited Edition Sofa - Tanzanite Sale price$6,725.00 Regular price$7,915.00
Zebra Hide SetteeZebra Hide Settee
Zebra Hide Settee Sale price$10,505.00
Porcupine Quill Cylinder Side TablePorcupine Quill Cylinder Side Table
Egoli Leather Swivel Chair - Cream-Stone LeatherEgoli Leather Swivel Chair - Cream-Stone Leather
Shaggy Leather Swivel Chair - Metallic LeatherShaggy Leather Swivel Chair - Metallic Leather
Malta Chair - Grey BoucleMalta Chair - Grey Boucle
Malta Chair - Grey Boucle Sale price$5,450.00
Black Cow Hide Cylinder with Ostrich Egg Mosaic InlayBlack Cow Hide Cylinder with Ostrich Egg Mosaic Inlay
Nthatu Side TableNthatu Side Table
Nthatu Side Table Sale price$995.00
Coffee Tray Table - Medium - NaturalCoffee Tray Table - Medium - Natural
Flute Side Table - Small - White/GreyFlute Side Table - Small - White/Grey
Flute Side Table - Large - Black/WhiteFlute Side Table - Large - Black/White
Drop Side Table with Marble TopDrop Side Table with Marble Top
Flute Coffee Table - White/GreyFlute Coffee Table - White/Grey
Flute Coffee Table - Black/WhiteFlute Coffee Table - Black/White
Nyala Table - Safari Spot - MidnightNyala Table - Safari Spot - Midnight
Nyala Table - Safari Spot - GoldNyala Table - Safari Spot - Gold
Nyala Table - Thanda Tortoise - PlumNyala Table - Thanda Tortoise - Plum
Nyala Table - Thanda Tortoise - SilverNyala Table - Thanda Tortoise - Silver
Imboko Chair - Natural / Olive / Crackle-StoneImboko Chair - Natural / Olive / Crackle-Stone
Malawi Chair - WhiteMalawi Chair - White
Malawi Chair - White Sale price$750.00
Malawi Chair - NaturalMalawi Chair - Natural
Malawi Chair - Natural Sale price$635.00
Kudu Pod Chair - Pangolin Park Silver - Sealed OakKudu Pod Chair - Pangolin Park Silver - Sealed Oak

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Ngala Trading

Ngala Trading offers a curated range of contemporary handcrafted furniture, lighting & home decor. Whether in the form of exotic materials or craft techniques passed down from generation-to-generation, Ngala Trading seeks to promote exceptional and unique design from artisans across the African continent.

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