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Natural Kudu HornNatural Kudu Horn
Natural Kudu Horn Sale price$95.00
Springbok HideSpringbok Hide
Springbok Hide Sale price$95.00
Londolozi Canoe w/ Metal StandLondolozi Canoe w/ Metal Stand
Painted Ostrich Egg - Black & Gold Zebra StripePainted Ostrich Egg - Black & Gold Zebra Stripe
Ostrich Leather Coasters w/ Tie (S/6) - BrownOstrich Leather Coasters w/ Tie (S/6) - Brown
Malawi Mirror - Natural - SmallMalawi Mirror - Natural - Small
Malawi Sun Mirror - NaturalMalawi Sun Mirror - Natural
Malawi Sun Mirror - Natural Sale price$535.00
Wildebeest Hide Rectangle Mirror - SmallWildebeest Hide Rectangle Mirror - Small
Vetiver Basket on Stand - Extra LargeVetiver Basket on Stand - Extra Large
Mounted Natural Kudu Skull - LargeMounted Natural Kudu Skull - Large
Zebra Hide & Leather Box - LargeZebra Hide & Leather Box - Large
Ostrich Shin Leather Photo Frame - BrownOstrich Shin Leather Photo Frame - Brown
Ostrich Shin Leather Photo Frame - BlackOstrich Shin Leather Photo Frame - Black
Wildebeest HideWildebeest Hide
Wildebeest Hide Sale price$450.00
Londolozi CanoeLondolozi Canoe
Londolozi Canoe Sale price$500.00
Juju Feather Hat - 20" - GreyJuju Feather Hat - 20" - Grey
Juju Feather Hat - 20" - Grey Sale priceFrom $215.00
Painted Ostrich Egg - Black & White CirclesPainted Ostrich Egg - Black & White Circles
Zebra Hide Ice BucketZebra Hide Ice Bucket
Zebra Hide Ice Bucket Sale price$115.00
Porcupine Quill Box - LargePorcupine Quill Box - Large
Porcupine Quill Box - Large Sale price$250.00
Mounted Warthog SkullMounted Warthog Skull
Mounted Warthog Skull Sale price$315.00
Ethiopian Coffee Tray ClocheEthiopian Coffee Tray Cloche
Malawi Mirror - Natural - LargeMalawi Mirror - Natural - Large
Ostrich Shin Leather Rectangle Mirror - Stone WashedOstrich Shin Leather Rectangle Mirror - Stone Washed
Dawa TrayDawa Tray
Dawa Tray Sale price$415.00
Mounted Natural Kudu Skull - SmallMounted Natural Kudu Skull - Small
Ostrich Shin Leather Photo Frame - Stone-WashedOstrich Shin Leather Photo Frame - Stone-Washed
Wildebeest Hide Photo FrameWildebeest Hide Photo Frame
Wildebeest Hide Photo Frame Sale price$125.00
Note Paper Holder - Wildebeest HideNote Paper Holder - Wildebeest Hide
Ostrich Leather Flask - CreamOstrich Leather Flask - Cream
Springbok Hide FlaskSpringbok Hide Flask
Springbok Hide Flask Sale price$70.00
Ingulule Round MirrorIngulule Round Mirror
Ingulule Round Mirror Sale price$925.00
Black Cow Hide Round Tray / Springbok Horn HandlesBlack Cow Hide Round Tray / Springbok Horn Handles
Crocheted Mesh Basket Cylinder - Small - GreyCrocheted Mesh Basket Cylinder - Small - Grey
Ostrich Shin Leather Rectangle Mirror - Old GoldOstrich Shin Leather Rectangle Mirror - Old Gold
Kudu Horn - Metallic Silver
Playing Card Box - Wildebeest HidePlaying Card Box - Wildebeest Hide
Pen Holder - Ostrich Leather - BlackPen Holder - Ostrich Leather - Black
Desk Organizer Box - Ostrich Leather/Suede - BlackDesk Organizer Box - Ostrich Leather/Suede - Black
File Holder - Ostrich Leather - BlackFile Holder - Ostrich Leather - Black
Raffia Glass Cylinder - PinkRaffia Glass Cylinder - Pink
Wildebeest Hide FlaskWildebeest Hide Flask
Wildebeest Hide Flask Sale price$70.00
Ostrich Leather Rectangle Mirror  - CreamOstrich Leather Rectangle Mirror  - Cream
Ostrich Leather Rectangle Mirror - BlackOstrich Leather Rectangle Mirror - Black
Imfibinga Bead Round MirrorImfibinga Bead Round Mirror
Imfibinga Bead Round Mirror Sale price$1,925.00
Tortoise MirrorTortoise Mirror
Tortoise Mirror Sale price$4,975.00
Porcupine Quill Box - Extra LargePorcupine Quill Box - Extra Large
Zebra Hide - Leather TrimmedZebra Hide - Leather Trimmed
Zebra Hide - Leather Trimmed Sale price$2,150.00
Mamba Mirror - Pearl LeatherMamba Mirror - Pearl Leather
Mamba Mirror - Pearl Leather Sale price$9,150.00

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Ngala Trading

Ngala Trading offers a curated range of contemporary handcrafted furniture, lighting & home decor. Whether in the form of exotic materials or craft techniques passed down from generation-to-generation, Ngala Trading seeks to promote exceptional and unique design from artisans across the African continent.

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