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2024 Lighting Catalogue2024 Lighting Catalogue
2024 Lighting Catalogue Sale price$0.00
Ngala Trading Fringe Leather SamplesNgala Trading Fringe Leather Samples
Ngala Trading Clarisse Leather Sample
Jacaranda Pod SampleJacaranda Pod Sample
Jacaranda Pod Sample Sale price$0.00
Game Hide SampleGame Hide Sample
Game Hide Sample Sale price$0.00
Cow Hide SampleCow Hide Sample
Cow Hide Sample Sale price$0.00
Ostrich Leather SampleOstrich Leather Sample
Ostrich Leather Sample Sale price$0.00
Ostrich Shin Leather SampleOstrich Shin Leather Sample
Imfibinga Bead SampleImfibinga Bead Sample
Imfibinga Bead Sample Sale price$0.00
Jacaranda Wood Disc & Recycled Glass SampleJacaranda Wood Disc & Recycled Glass Sample
Jacaranda Wood Twig SampleJacaranda Wood Twig Sample
Ardmore Zambezi Fabric Sample BookArdmore Zambezi Fabric Sample Book
Ardmore Sabie Fabric Sample BookArdmore Sabie Fabric Sample Book
Ardmore Thanda Fabric Sample BookArdmore Thanda Fabric Sample Book
Ardmore Zambezi Fabric Sample Bag
Ardmore Thanda Fabric Sample BagArdmore Thanda Fabric Sample Bag
Ardmore Sabie Fabric Sample BagArdmore Sabie Fabric Sample Bag
Ardmore Zambezi Fabric Collection Journal
Ardmore Sabie Fabric Collection JournalArdmore Sabie Fabric Collection Journal
Monkey Bean Fabric SampleMonkey Bean Fabric Sample
Safari Spot Fabric SampleSafari Spot Fabric Sample
Thanda Tortoise Fabric SampleThanda Tortoise Fabric Sample
Thanda Toile Fabric SampleThanda Toile Fabric Sample
Pangolin Park Fabric SamplePangolin Park Fabric Sample
Thanda Nests Fabric SampleThanda Nests Fabric Sample
Sabie Forest Fabric SampleSabie Forest Fabric Sample
Cheetah Kings Fabric SampleCheetah Kings Fabric Sample
River Chase Fabric SampleRiver Chase Fabric Sample
Camp Critters Fabric SampleCamp Critters Fabric Sample
Outdoor Furniture Finish SampleOutdoor Furniture Finish Sample
Ananas Outdoor Fabric SampleAnanas Outdoor Fabric Sample
Woven Dining Table SampleWoven Dining Table Sample

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Ngala Trading

Ngala Trading offers a curated range of contemporary handcrafted furniture, lighting & home decor. Whether in the form of exotic materials or craft techniques passed down from generation-to-generation, Ngala Trading seeks to promote exceptional and unique design from artisans across the African continent.

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