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Linen Pillows

Stylish contemporary designs featuring African animal prints & florals

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Monkey Bean Pillow - Linen - TanzaniteMonkey Bean Pillow - Linen - Tanzanite
Monkey Bean Pillow - Linen - StoneMonkey Bean Pillow - Linen - Stone
Cheetah Kings Lumbar Pillow - Linen - ChalkCheetah Kings Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Chalk
Monkey Bean Pillow - Linen - AshMonkey Bean Pillow - Linen - Ash
Monkey Bean Pillow - Linen - ParakeetMonkey Bean Pillow - Linen - Parakeet
Cheetah Kings Lumbar Pillow - Linen - GoldCheetah Kings Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Gold
Cheetah Kings Lumbar Pillow - Linen - AmberCheetah Kings Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Amber
Bush Bandits Lumbar Pillow - Linen - ButterBush Bandits Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Butter
Amasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - MoonlightAmasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Moonlight
Blaartjie Printed PillowBlaartjie Printed Pillow
Blaartjie Printed Pillow Sale price$255.00
Watercolor Jacquard PillowWatercolor Jacquard Pillow
Watercolor Jacquard Pillow Sale price$300.00
Tolbos Jacquard PillowTolbos Jacquard Pillow
Tolbos Jacquard Pillow Sale price$300.00
Mopipi Embroidered PillowMopipi Embroidered Pillow
Mopipi Embroidered Pillow Sale price$300.00
Sambandou Embroidered PillowSambandou Embroidered Pillow
Fern 3 Embroidered PillowFern 3 Embroidered Pillow
Fern 3 Embroidered Pillow Sale price$270.00
Fern 1 Embroidered PillowFern 1 Embroidered Pillow
Fern 1 Embroidered Pillow Sale price$270.00
Fern 8 Printed PillowFern 8 Printed Pillow
Fern 8 Printed Pillow Sale price$245.00
Thamalakane Rust Printed PillowThamalakane Rust Printed Pillow
Rubber Grasslands PillowRubber Grasslands Pillow
Rubber Grasslands Pillow Sale price$300.00
Protea Bos Printed PillowProtea Bos Printed Pillow
Protea Bos Printed Pillow Sale price$255.00
Protea Bos Embroidered PillowProtea Bos Embroidered Pillow
Okavango Rust Embroidered PillowOkavango Rust Embroidered Pillow
Okavango Green Embroidered PillowOkavango Green Embroidered Pillow
Mopipi Lilac Printed PillowMopipi Lilac Printed Pillow
Mopipi Lilac Printed Pillow Sale price$245.00
Mopipi Green Printed PillowMopipi Green Printed Pillow
Mopipi Green Printed Pillow Sale price$255.00
Monkey Bay Nymphaea PanelMonkey Bay Nymphaea Panel
Monkey Bay Nymphaea Panel Sale priceFrom $450.00
Groen Boom Printed PillowGroen Boom Printed Pillow
Groen Boom Printed Pillow Sale price$255.00
Groen Boom PanelGroen Boom Panel
Groen Boom Panel Sale priceFrom $450.00
Gobegu Embroidered PillowGobegu Embroidered Pillow
Gobegu Embroidered Pillow Sale price$300.00
Fern 8 PanelFern 8 Panel
Fern 8 Panel Sale priceFrom $450.00
Elaphoglossum PanelElaphoglossum Panel
Elaphoglossum Panel Sale priceFrom $450.00
Droe Blaar Printed PillowDroe Blaar Printed Pillow
Droe Blaar Printed Pillow Sale price$245.00
Droe Blaar PanelDroe Blaar Panel
Droe Blaar Panel Sale priceFrom $450.00
Bruin Boom PanelBruin Boom Panel
Bruin Boom Panel Sale priceFrom $450.00
Aloe Hill Printed PillowAloe Hill Printed Pillow
Aloe Hill Printed Pillow Sale price$245.00
Monkey Bean Pillow - Linen - NightMonkey Bean Pillow - Linen - Night
Cheetah Kings Lumbar Pillow - Linen - JadeCheetah Kings Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Jade
Cheetah Kings Lumbar Pillow - Linen - CoralCheetah Kings Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Coral
Amasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - SwampAmasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Swamp
Amasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - RoyalAmasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Royal
Amasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - FlamingoAmasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Flamingo

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Ngala Trading

Ngala Trading offers a curated range of contemporary handcrafted furniture, lighting & home decor. Whether in the form of exotic materials or craft techniques passed down from generation-to-generation, Ngala Trading seeks to promote exceptional and unique design from artisans across the African continent.

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