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Meet The Maker


Umdabu furnishings are 100%
hand-made exclusively in South Africa, incorporating natural wooden elements into contemporary designs.

About Umdabu

Umdabu founders Robert Cunningham and Michael Ferreira believe that nature is perfection - and this ethos permeates their range of original furniture with a natural edge. The solid wood pieces shaped in their South Africa workshop offer a sense of casual modernism to Ngala Trading's discerning customers.

“Working with wood as a medium is very common across the continent and something that was
lacking in our line. Visiting the Umdabu factory and seeing the talent of wood carving, hand weaving and wood turning sold me – the skill is truly remarkable."

Lawson Ricketts, Ngala Trading Creative Director

About Umdabu

Founded by friends Robert Cunningham and Michael Ferreira, Umdabu has makers have a passion for creating original furniture with a natural edge. The company's design process takes into account the unique form of each root or natural wooden slab that ultimately becomes functional art. Therefore, Umdabu does not produce - they create.