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2024 Lighting Catalogue2024 Lighting Catalogue
2024 Lighting Catalogue Sale price$0.00
3-Crocheted Leather Pod Cluster Chandelier3-Crocheted Leather Pod Cluster Chandelier
Additional Shipping
Additional Shipping Sale price$0.00
wild african goose feather round mirrorAfrican Goose Feather Round Mirror - Large
Agate Bar Stool - Bronzed SteelAgate Bar Stool - Bronzed Steel
Agate Dining Chair - Bronzed SteelAgate Dining Chair - Bronzed Steel
Aloe Hill Printed PillowAloe Hill Printed Pillow
Aloe Hill Printed Pillow Sale price$245.00
Amasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - FlamingoAmasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Flamingo
Amasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - MoonlightAmasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Moonlight
Amasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - RoyalAmasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Royal
Amasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - SwampAmasumpa Lumbar Pillow - Linen - Swamp
Ananas Chair - AmarulaAnanas Chair - Amarula
Ananas Chair - Amarula Sale price$4,750.00
Ananas Chair - EbonyAnanas Chair - Ebony
Ananas Chair - Ebony Sale price$4,750.00
Ananas Chair - OliveAnanas Chair - Olive
Ananas Chair - Olive Sale price$4,750.00
Ananas Chair - SpiceAnanas Chair - Spice
Ananas Chair - Spice Sale price$4,750.00
Ananas Lounger / Day BedAnanas Lounger / Day Bed
Ananas Lounger / Day Bed Sale price$5,995.00
Ananas OttomanAnanas Ottoman
Ananas Ottoman Sale price$2,995.00
Ananas Outdoor Fabric SampleAnanas Outdoor Fabric Sample
Ananas SofaAnanas Sofa
Ananas Sofa Sale price$7,995.00
Ardmore Ceramic:  Crested Crane Urns (Pair)Ardmore Ceramic:  Crested Crane Urns (Pair)
Ardmore Ceramic: Elephant Side TableArdmore Ceramic: Elephant Side Table
Ardmore Ceramic: Palm Parade Plates - Set of 6Ardmore Ceramic: Palm Parade Plates - Set of 6
Ardmore Ceramic: Palm Parade Umbrella StandArdmore Ceramic: Palm Parade Umbrella Stand
Ardmore Cheetah Kings Velvet Stone Bar StoolArdmore Cheetah Kings Velvet Stone Bar Stool
Ardmore Sabie Fabric Collection JournalArdmore Sabie Fabric Collection Journal
Ardmore Sabie Fabric Sample BagArdmore Sabie Fabric Sample Bag
Ardmore Sabie Fabric Sample BookArdmore Sabie Fabric Sample Book
Ardmore Thanda Fabric Collection JournalArdmore Thanda Fabric Collection Journal
Ardmore Thanda Fabric Sample BagArdmore Thanda Fabric Sample Bag
Ardmore Thanda Fabric Sample BookArdmore Thanda Fabric Sample Book
Ardmore Zambezi Fabric Collection Journal
Ardmore Zambezi Fabric Sample Bag
Ardmore Zambezi Fabric Sample BookArdmore Zambezi Fabric Sample Book
Bamileke Donut StoolBamileke Donut Stool
Bamileke Donut Stool Sale price$615.00
Bamileke Stool 3Bamileke Stool 3
Bamileke Stool 3 Sale price$670.00
Bamileke Stool 4Bamileke Stool 4
Bamileke Stool 4 Sale price$670.00
Bamileke Stool 5Bamileke Stool 5
Bamileke Stool 5 Sale price$670.00
Bead Display Stand - DoubleBead Display Stand - Double
Bead Display Stand - SingleBead Display Stand - Single
Benin Bronze BangleBenin Bronze Bangle
Benin Bronze Bangle Sale price$110.00
Benin Bronze Crescent Bangle 1Benin Bronze Crescent Bangle 1
Benin Bronze Crescent Bangle 2Benin Bronze Crescent Bangle 2
Benin Bronze CuffBenin Bronze Cuff
Benin Bronze Cuff Sale price$75.00
Benin Bronze Large Cuff 1Benin Bronze Large Cuff 1
Benin Bronze Large Cuff 1 Sale price$170.00
Benin Bronze Large Cuff 2Benin Bronze Large Cuff 2
Benin Bronze Large Cuff 2 Sale price$170.00
Blaartjie Printed PillowBlaartjie Printed Pillow
Blaartjie Printed Pillow Sale price$255.00
Black Cow Hide Cylinder with Ostrich Egg Mosaic InlayBlack Cow Hide Cylinder with Ostrich Egg Mosaic Inlay
Black Cow Hide Long Rectangle Tray / Gemsbok Horn HandleBlack Cow Hide Long Rectangle Tray / Gemsbok Horn Handle

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Ngala Trading offers a curated range of contemporary handcrafted furniture, lighting & home decor. Whether in the form of exotic materials or craft techniques passed down from generation-to-generation, Ngala Trading seeks to promote exceptional and unique design from artisans across the African continent.

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